#rfbiscuit – Welcome to RF Biscuit

Hello, World!

This blog is dedicated to research the possibilities of low-cost prototyping of RF gear using the RF Biscuit platform. RF Biscuit is a OSHW project aiming to provide a small, simple, low-cost but yet versatile PCB that can be used to make filters, attenuators, dummyloads and even amplifiers (using gainblocks) the DIY-way. It current features include SMA PCB-edgeconnectors, a prototyping signalpath and the option to use a RF-shielding can.  The creation of the RF Biscuit follows the principle of “release early, release often” and heavily relies on feedback from the community to evolve into an even better protyping platform.

Let me invite you to use and experiment with RF Biscuit – if you are interested to join the circle of Beta-Testers feel free to contact me:


You feedback is highly appriciated 🙂

Thanks, Georg

PS: PCB-Design is done in KiCad and the GitHub-Repo is here.


One thought on “#rfbiscuit – Welcome to RF Biscuit

  1. No you only have 3 resonators which are coupled by the 2 shunt caps. Think of them as impedance inverters or Norton impedance transformers.


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